For art historians L’Aquila represents an Italian tragedy

On 5 May 2013, one thousand art historians met in L’Aquila in order to claim a “civil reconstruction” of the European artistic heritage for the martyr city. The following is the final document, which was also handed in to Mr. Bray, Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage, who attended the event. 

“The art historian who today, 5 May 2013, have gathered in L’Aquila, aim to galvanise the institutions as well as the Italian citizens into taking action. We want to remind that the tragedy of such a monumental built-up centre is beyond compare and it is still in disrepair, four years later the quake that destroyed it and four years later the political choices that sentenced the town to a second death. The first thing we want to say is that L’Aquila is an Italian tragedy, not  a local issue.  This is the sense of our physical presence here, this is the sense of our will to look with our own eyes at the ravaged monuments of L’Aquila.”