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ZRAlt! ovvero “Zona Rossa Alt!” (traducibile con il semi-acronimo RZAlt!, “Red Zone Alt!”).

I drammi, anzi le tragedie che stanno dietro quel divieto, sono state amaramente sperimentate in tutto il mondo da milioni e milioni di persone. A causa di catastrofi naturali, ambientali, civili (guerre, fame ed epidemie) e, soprattutto, psichiche. Paura, smarrimento e la martellante domanda del “quando sarà tolta quella maledetta scritta-icona?” costituiscono gli ingredienti principali di equilibri individuali o collettivi bruscamente interrotti il più delle volte in una manciata di secondi. Alla stregua di quanto avvenuto nei tempi più recenti con i terremoti di L’Aquila ed Emilia Romagna, Haiti o dello tsunami giapponese. Come reagire, o meglio, come hanno reagito i singoli e intere comunità alla devastazione esistenziale subita con l’inesorabile conta […]


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ZRAlt! or, in Italian, “Zona Rossa Alt!” (which may be translated with the semi-acronym RZAlt!, “Red Zone Alt!”).

The dramas, or rather the tragedies behind that ban, have been bitterly experienced worldwide by millions and millions of people. Caused by natural, environmental, civil disasters (wars, famine and epidemic diseases) and, above all, the psychological distress. Feelings of fear, helplessness, and the incessant questioning “when will that damned icon-sign be removed?”, are the main elements of the individual or collective equilibrium  that, most of the times, is abruptly interrupted  in just a few seconds. This is what recently happened with the devastating earthquakes that shattered L’Aquila and Emilia Romagna, Haiti or the Japan tsunami. How to react, or rather, how did the individuals and the entire communities respond […]


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A tent of colour and two monumental works of art for wounded L’Aquila

Chronicle of a unique performative event. (Tent Camp in sports field Centi-Colella, L’Aquila, 25 June / 12 July 2009)

Antonio Gasbarrini

End of May-24 June 2009

She came to visit me at the end of May, at the hotel on the coastline where, since 8 April, I was put up along with about other hundred homeless people from L’Aquila. I am talking about Anna Seccia, the painter from Pescara. “We should do something for the artists and for the rest of the people residing in the tent camps”.  […]


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The philosophy of Angelus Novus, of the society to come and the faces of indignation of L’Aquila residents in July 2009

Pino Bertelli

still to Pier Paolo Pasolini, friend and mentor

because his defenceless scroungers, his miserable prostitutes,
and the best of youth that has gone to fight
a war of Resistance wearing a red bandana around their neck…
are angels essential to comprehend the lost love
of a suffering human race and the conquest of the coming
Spring of beauty to the song “Bella ciao”  […]


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Una tenda del colore e due opere di dimensioni monumentali per l’Aquila ferita

Cronistoria di un irripetibile evento performativo. (L’Aquila, Tendopoli di Centi-Colella, 25 giugno / 12 luglio 2009)

di Antonio Gasbarrini

Fine maggio-24 giugno 2009

Era venuta a trovarmi, alla fine di maggio, nell’albergo della costa dove dimoravo dall’8 aprile insieme ad un centinaio di esiliati aquilani. Della pittrice pescarese Anna Seccia sto parlando. «Dobbiamo fare qualcosa per gli artisti e gli altri aquilani che si trovano nelle tendopoli». […]

FROM 3.31 TO 3.33a.m.

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The before and after of L’Aquila artists following the earthquake that struck at 3.32 a.m.

Antonio Gasbarrini

It took only two minutes to uproot and entoiled the life of nearly 70,000 L’Aquila residents. In only 120 flickering seconds, the centuries-old history of the city of L’Aquila (founded in 1254, destroyed five years later by Manfredi, and rebuilt in 1266), has been reduced to piles of masonry stacked high and still sitting there, stained with screams, dust and blood.  […]


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(the Italian poets for L’Aquila)

Anna Maria Giancarli 

The identity of a people that, until 3.32 a.m. of 6 April 2009, had in their mind and heart the prestigious architectures and the art and cultural heritage from centuries of glorious social history, risks to crumble into a dramatic dimension, under a blanket of white dust, under the ruins of the destroyed city.  […]


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People and politics on the Internet: from the aesthetics to the “feeling” through the CT  (Catastrophe Theory ”) – Part One

Giuseppe Siano

The models, or the parameters, whereby we perceive and measure the surrounding environment have changed and, consequently, also the way we logically understand or “feel” a disaster or a catastrophic event.  […]